Grill/Barbecue Basque Style

Specialist in Basque-style grilling. Authentic flavour, juicy meats and irresistible aromas. Delight your guests with our embers.

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Grill Expert

Chef Carlos Aguilera, with his deep-rooted passion for cooking since childhood, takes the art of Basque-style grilling to sublime levels. His embers ignite authentic flavour in every bite, creating a unique barbecue experience.

Inspired by his Basque mentor and his time in Marbella’s haute cuisine, Carlos combines traditional methods with a modern twist. His grill service highlights the mastery of the embers and culinary management, delivering a symphony of flavours that captures the essence of the Basque style.

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Personalised gastronomic services for private events. We organise weddings, birthdays, celebrations and corporate events.

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Our Values

Our values are the heart of our cuisine, the essence of our service and the basis of our passion for gastronomic excellence.

Km 0 Products

  • Explore the true local essence in each delicious chef’s creation thanks to our carefully selected KM0 products. Our flavours are a tribute to the freshness and sustainability of our land, a culinary journey that will connect you with the roots of our region. Every bite is a celebration of the gastronomic richness of our surroundings, an experience that will immerse you in the authenticity and tradition of our local ingredients.

100% Mediterranean

  • Our Mediterranean products epitomise the unrivalled freshness and flavour that only our environment can offer. They are carefully grown and enjoyed locally, guaranteeing an authentic connection with the land and its traditions. In addition, this geographical proximity ensures that our products are available at their best during their season, giving you the opportunity to savour nature at its best.

Freshness & Innovation

  • Discover an exciting culinary fusion and innovation that completely redefines the dining event experience. Immerse yourself in a world of flavours where delicious dishes become a harmonious combination of tradition and unique creativity. Every bite will transport you on an unparalleled culinary journey, where the classic meets the avant-garde for a truly memorable dining experience.


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