La Biznaga de Oro

Personalised gastronomic services for private events. We take care of every detail so that our clients enjoy a perfect evening.

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Private and Exclusive Events

Personalised and exclusive dining experience with high quality service, delicious food and an experienced chef in a private and exclusive atmosphere.

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Private Chef & Home Catering

The chef and his team take care of everything from planning and preparation to the flawless presentation of a successful meal with no worries.

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Big Events

Expert chefs create unforgettable gastronomic experiences at large events, combining culinary skills and experience to surprise diners.

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Wedding Banquets

Expert team for the success of your banquet: personalised menus, high quality and impeccable presentation of dishes adapted to your tastes and dietary needs.

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Corporate Events

Hire a chef for corporate events and enjoy high quality meals with personalised menus for your guests.

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Bar/Cocktail Service

Personalised cocktail service for events of any size. Experts in premium and custom drinks to take your event to the next level.

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Mediterranean Products Km 0 

Discover our Km 0 Mediterranean products: grown and consumed in the same area, ensuring freshness and seasonal availability.

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