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At La Biznaga de Oro we are passionate about what we do and we pay special attention to every detail to ensure that we provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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Carlos Aguilera

La Biznaga de Oro: Exclusive Flavours and a Passionate Trajectory

More than a decade ago, La Biznaga de Oro was born as the dream of Carlos Aguilera, a talented chef from Malaga. His vision was to bring the culinary experience directly into the homes of his clients, providing them with unique and exclusive moments without the need to travel to a restaurant.

Carlos cultivated his passion for cooking from an early age, working in the family restaurant and learning culinary secrets from his mother. After completing his studies, he immersed himself in haute cuisine by working at a prestigious luxury hotel in Marbella. There, under the tutelage of a renowned Basque rotisserie, he honed his skills in grilling techniques and gained experience in managing culinary events.


His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to perfect his skills in Michelin-starred restaurants such as the Torres Brothers in Barcelona and Juanlu Fernandez’s restaurant in Jerez. As Executive Chef in Marbella, he masterfully leads a team of over 20 people, consolidating his culinary prowess.

Finally, in 2021, Carlos realised his dream by founding La Biznaga de Oro. This project flourishes in the same space that his parents opened three decades ago, now converted into his culinary laboratory. The dishes he creates are the result of the fusion between his mother’s traditional cuisine, with slow cooking, and the new techniques he has acquired.

At La Biznaga de Oro, KM0 products pay homage to Carlos’ homeland and ensure diners enjoy the best local produce. More than just a catering company, La Biznaga de Oro has become the fulfilment of a young entrepreneur’s dream. It offers personalised gastronomic services that adapt to every wish, making its clients’ culinary dreams come true.

Km 0 Products

Explore the true local essence in each delicious chef’s creation thanks to our carefully selected KM0 products. Our flavours are a tribute to the freshness and sustainability of our land, a culinary journey that will connect you with the roots of our region. Every bite is a celebration of the gastronomic richness of our surroundings, an experience that will immerse you in the authenticity and tradition of our local ingredients.

100% Mediterranean

Our Mediterranean products epitomise the unrivalled freshness and flavour that only our environment can offer. They are carefully grown and enjoyed locally, guaranteeing an authentic connection with the land and its traditions. In addition, this geographical proximity ensures that our products are available at their best during their season, giving you the opportunity to savour nature at its best.

Freshness & Innovation

Discover an exciting culinary fusion and innovation that completely redefines the dining event experience. Immerse yourself in a world of flavours where delicious dishes become a harmonious combination of tradition and unique creativity. Every bite will transport you on an unparalleled culinary journey, where the classic meets the avant-garde for a truly memorable dining experience.

Our Cuisine

Our dishes are a tribute to Andalusia and its rich culinary traditions. Each of our dishes offers an authentic nod to our land, highlighting the characteristic flavours and aromas that make them unique.

To guarantee the excellence of our dishes, we only use fresh and locally sourced (KM0) products from our region. We believe that the quality of the ingredients is reflected in every bite, giving our customers a unique and special dining experience in the comfort of their own home.

Let us be part of your event and bring the flavour and essence of Andalusia to your table. At La Biznaga de Oro, we are ready to make your occasion an unforgettable moment.

Executive Chef

At La Biznaga de Oro, we know that every event is unique, so we will design a tailor-made menu that perfectly suits your tastes and needs, ensuring that your celebration is a complete success.

Carlos Aguilera

Carlos Aguilera

CEO La Biznaga & Executive Chef

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Personalised gastronomic services for private events. We cater for weddings, birthdays, celebrations and corporate events.

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